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Intuitive Energy Healer

Thank you for visiting my website! Awaken2Healing is dedicated to your emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. Healing is a process of raising the consciousness by releasing unwanted energetic blockages and behavioral patterns of frequencies/vibrations in the bodies. When we clear and harmonize with God’s higher universal sources, we can enjoy health and prosperity. Through my experienced guidance we can begin your “wellness” journey now.

“With God all Things are Possible”

Wayne Dyer

Awaken2Healing Intuitive Energy Healer Kathleen McCory

Kathleen McCory


The Only Way to the Spirit is Through the Physical


Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a way of balancing your body’s energies for its optimal health and vibrancy. This is done through a vibrational healing process working with the Body’s own energy systems; meridians (your body’s energy pathways), chakras (your body’s energy centers), and aura or electromagnetic field (your body’s energy field or atmosphere).


Reiki Master

Reiki is a very ancient Japanese energy work technique promoting many things such as stress reduction, relaxation, feelings of peace, well-being, and aiding in healing.  Reiki is excellent for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues of any kind. It adjusts the body’s natural energy flow thus raising the vibrational frequency and overall immune support. Reiki is well known for its’ wonderful results.


Remote Healing

Remote Healing is similar to the Energy Healing description, only it is done holographically pulling your present self’s “vibrational energy” to come in at the time of appointment. Detailed instructions will be given to you 24 hours prior to this session, so please allow enough time before scheduling so I can set up with you.

Healing is a dedicated commitment to yourself