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Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher

Kathleen McCory

Kathleen McCory, aka Anatavia, is an intuitive energy healer and teacher born into a family of gifted healers. Her initiation of enlightenment re-awoke her abilities to heal in 2004, while in Egypt. From that time on she was lead by many profound awakenings and spiritual experiences in life which allows her gifts and teachings to be prevalent today.  Kathleen has been practicing energy healing for over a decade. She uses her clairaudient (hearing) and clairsentient (clear-feeling) gifts to remove and clear unwanted blockages and stuck energies in the body. As a Reiki Master, she also specializes in re-aligning the chakra systems and meridians of one’s personal frequency matrix to a harmonic resonance and synergistic state of the body, mind, and soul’s well- being. Kathleen’s work is dedicated to emotional, physical, and spiritual health as health is everything, for without it we have nothing.

When the body’s energy is out of balance, the natural system of the body does not work in harmony, thus causing disturbances within itself, often showing up as physical or emotional pain and/or dis-ease. Everything has a frequency or vibrational essence which is a universal intelligence from which all life flows.

Kathleen’s healing abilities are done with great respect and honor. For greater clarity, self- awareness, and well -being or prosperity to a joyful and healthy life, book a session with her.

“Honor your Mind, Body and Soul”

Kathleen In Egypt