Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

Energy healing is a process done scanning over the body and accessing disturbances or imbalances in one’s physical energy systems or pathways in the auric or electromagnetic energy field of the body to correct and support one’s own personal healing process. My abilities allow me to see and feel what the necessary corrections are needed for oneself at the time of the session. I work with the God creative life source and teach clients how to learn about their own health and personal needs to maintain a higher frequency for the body.

This process is done fully clothed on a massage table in a very relaxed environment. I will call upon your highest intent for yourself with angelic guidance of the love light needed for the healing session. I work on all the subtle energies in the quantum field, meridians and chakras, (if needed) and on all levels of the vibrational field within and around you, and from all past and current timelines. Any blockages or removals will happen according to your divine blueprint of your evolution in one’s best health interest at the time of the session.

I will give you positive feedback and physical instructions of what is received after the session is complete. However, often messages are relayed to you while in the process of the healing session.

Most clients feel the warm or magnetic light force energy in specific areas during the session. Clients have stated a more relaxed, calm and loving balanced feeling after a session. Often what they came in to establish for their personal wellness of health is accomplished.

Hear what Tom has to say in the video below about his experience and the results he got from Kathleen at Awaken2Healing.

* Due to a business name change, any reference to Awaken2Spirit should be interpreted as Awaken2Healing