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Testimonials From Clients

See what my clients say about their experience and results from Awaken2Healing.

Kathleen is amazing.The first visit I was impressed with her abilities, knowledge, professionalism, and charismatic personality.  I have continued to go to her for healing and I look forward to my next appointment! She is very gifted and I leave each time feeling better and have a peaceful outlook.

Debbie G

I very much enjoyed my Reiki session with Kathleen. She is exceptional! She has not only an intuitive ability to find the problem areas, but the talent to work the area to help alleviate the pain, move energy and remove blockages. She asks questions before she begins and truly wants to help you. She uses crystals and essential oils which I loved! I highly recommend Kathleen!


Wonderful treatment experienced today, Kathleen is a real jewel and knows what she is talking about and doing. I had been feeling ‘out of it’ for a bit now, and Kathleen was kind enough to recommend a treatment. So glad she did.

She was able to do long distance Reiki healing … I simply just relax and laid down at my home, she at her office doing the treatment. WOW!!!  Feelings of energy just enveloping me, beautiful purples, blues, yellows surrounded me in a meditative state as she did her work.

So much more refreshed and in alignment now, she gave me a great post treatment wrap up and all is GREAT!!

Thanks again Kathleen, you are wonderful.. if you haven’t scheduled something with her DO SO!!!!!”


Kathleen has been a great help over the last few months. She is definitely working with some very strong light healing beings and energies. She was able to clear out a lot of energy quickly, has helped to clear many past lifetime issues(mostly battle injuries), and removed several blockages that I was not aware of. She is able to clearly see the energy and images, and even hear the reasons behind the problems and relay that information concisely as she’s working on it. Her work with the essential oils has helped, and the crystals and healing bowls have also been great! I’ve had similar work done over the last 20 years and she is probably the best healer I’ve worked with.

Steve L.

Kathleen has a very unique way of healing. In my first session with her (Raindrop Therapy and balancing) I could actually feel changes occurring in my body as she was working on me. The oils were wonderful and her room is so soothing and comfortable. Time seems to stand still on her table. She gives valuable feedback after her sessions to each individual and told me exactly what to expect post-treatment. (It all happened) She truly is an intuitive healer. Thanks Kathleen!


I recently had a Raindrop session with Kathleen. The essential oils she used on my spine left me with a feeling of clarity, centeredness, calmness and an over all physically balanced togetherness, which I hadn’t felt in months. I felt like a completely new and energetic person. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone with stress (that’s pretty much everyone) or to just enhance your overall well being and health.

Kathleen is a positive professional person who made me feel very comfortable. I slept great that night! Thank you


I met Kathleen when we were both living in a small town in Northern California. It was clear in my first session that she is the real deal. I felt stuck energies release and experienced well-being immediately. Since then, I have had multiple remote sessions with Kathleen, and I am happy to say that each time I feel the difference, things shift, and I let go of what no longer serves me, replaced with a new, fresh energy. The benefits last. I determine the value of a practitioner based on my results. Kathleen and her team of guides and angels bring loving transformation and I love the results I get in my life!

Lorrie H.

When I first met Kathleen over two years ago, I immediately felt she was the person to help me release the negative emotions stored in my body. Through her energy work I have experienced many layers of clearing throughout myself. I was born with severe scoliosis of the spine and at my age, medical surgery is not an option. My favorite session is Raindrop Therapy as I have been able to walk and move easier with much less pain in my back. This procedure has been highly beneficial for me and my own healing process. I love feeling balanced and energized after my sessions with her. I highly recommend, Kathleen!

Frances S.

My sessions with Kathleen over the past 2.5 years have proven to be enlightening and healing. I leave feeling like I’m walking on a cloud. Energy is balanced, mind is clear, soul is grounded. Her Reiki practice is healing and her wisdom and insight into life and the world is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for helping me discover ME, Kathleen! ??

Mary N.